At Quality Millwork we are completely committed to serving our customers with the absolute best value and service possible!  With that in mind:

  • We begin by removing all of the existing doors and drawer fronts--they are gone, you never see them again.  You choose a new door style, new door species, and new door finish for your new kitchen. 

  • We have multiple different species available i.e., Red Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Alder, Maple and more--in multiple different door styles and colors.

  • With the doors and drawer fronts removed, we apply a 1/4" plywood over the outside of the boxes--every place that shows from the outside.  (Keep in mind that most, if not all, other companies use a sub-par, paper thin veneer for the exterior of the boxes.  But we purposely use 1/4" plywood because it is much more substantial and will hold up over time.)  The plywood is the same species and same finish as the door you have already chosen.

  • We then apply wood moulding to any places that need to be covered--again, same species--same finish.  We control the finishing process so that everything--doors, drawer fronts, moulding, and plywood--all match.

  • Finally, we install all of the new doors and drawer fronts.  We use only the highest quality Blum euro-style, concealed hinges with a built in 'soft close' so that the doors will never slam. Door and drawer handles or knobs are optional, depending on your choice, and we offer a huge selection of both.  Total process time is 3-5 days.

It is our greatest desire that our customers are completely satisfied with their new kitchen.  Therefore, at the end of your project we ask you--the customer--if we have met and/or exceeded your expectations; or if there is anything that you see that needs to be addressed.  The end result is that beautiful kitchen you've always wanted.  No more ugly kitchen cabinets; no more embarrassment when friends or neighbors drop by; no more holidays in other people's kitchens.  Only the beautiful kitchen you've always dreamed of!

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Albuquerque


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kitchen cabinet refacing in Albuquerque